The HomeStrong Way

At HomeStrong we pride ourselves in our quality and precision when working on any new construction site in the greater Denver, CO metro area and beyond.  It is our goal to make the new construction process an enjoyable and smooth experience for homeowners and contractors alike.  When you select HomeStrong for your new construction project you are getting a full service “below grade” contractor.  Homeowner and contractors are no longer required to find multiple contractors for their below grade work.  The process of finding multiple contractors for each part of the project can be a daunting task and usually involves losing quality of installation along the way.  Communication is lost in the process when working with multiple contractors and many times will result in the work slowing or work not being done properly.

At HomeStrong we can take any build to the point of framing.  When you hire us you will have expert heavy machinery operators on site and the most experienced installation crews building your structure.  We are a Class B General contractor with the ability to pull all permits.  Prior to your project starting we will also do all the proper locates (including private locates).

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What We Mean By Full Service for New Construction in Denver, CO

Once all our work is completed in professional and timely manner, you or the general contractor will take over the project from the point of framing the structure and doing all the finish work.  We also have a preferred vendor list if you need options for the remainder of the project.

If you have a new construction project that you would like us to take a look at, schedule a free inspection with one of our design specialist to come visit the site and review the plans with you.  We will then offer a free quote on all needed work.  In construction it is hard to give guarantees but the one we can offer is that “You’ll Never Go Wrong With HomeStrong”!

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