Basement Waterproofing Solutions

It only takes a little bit of water to turn the dream of home ownership into a nightmare. Even small amounts of water in the basement of your home or business can lead to serious structural issues for your building. Even worse, water damage can be a breeding ground for harmful, or even toxic, mold and mildew. Don’t let your structure become a danger to yourself, your family, or your employees and customers! When you need basement waterproofing in Denver, CO, you need HomeStrong!

HomeStrong is your local basement waterproofing expert for the entire Denver, CO metro area. Our crews have more than two decades of experience providing high-quality services and finding the right answers for your unique set of issues. No two basement waterproofing projects are the same, and we don’t use one-size-fits-all options for your home. We’ll always come up with the right custom solution for your home and budget.

From Castle Rock to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between, when water is the problem for your home or business, HomeStrong is the solution! Call us today to schedule an inspection and receive a free quote on your basement waterproofing services.

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Foundation Wall Failure

The biggest concern with poor basement waterproofing services is the risk for foundation wall failure. When the soil around your home or business becomes saturated with water, that soil pushes hard against the outer walls of your structure’s foundation. One gallon of water weighs more than eight pounds. That’s a whole lot of force pushing against your home or business, trying to destroy everything you’ve worked for.

When your building has a proper basement waterproofing system, it’s equipped to handle that excess pressure. Our services give your home or business the tools it needs to stand up to issues like wall movement – sometimes called deflection – and all the other issues associated with water damage.

Don’t let your home or business collapse under the weight of poor basement waterproofing. When you need high-quality answers in Denver, CO, the name to know is HomeStrong. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your basement and get the answers you’ve been searching for. Free quotes are available so don’t delay! Every minute you wait, the damage gets worse and the repair costs go up!

Common Symptoms of Water Problems

While foundation wall failure is the most catastrophic issue with water damage, it’s far from the only one. There are myriad issues that can occur when you allow water damage to spread throughout your home. The best way to keep your home safe, and your home repair bills low, is to catch the symptoms early. But what should you be looking for in your home? These are some of the most common indicators of water damage here in the Denver, CO area:

If you see any of these issues in your home, it’s time to bring in a basement waterproofing expert. Call the team at HomeStrong today to get a free quote on your basement waterproofing needs. Let our experienced crew come up with the right solution for your home and save it from catastrophic water damage today!

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Proven Basement Waterproofing Products and Systems

Your home deserves the best products to help it stand up against water damage. When you trust your basement waterproofing services to the team at HomeStrong, that’s exactly what you get! Our crews use the full line of Grip-Tite products to give your home the highest level of protection available. Grip-Tite has been the industry leader in basement waterproofing solutions for decades, and we trust all of their products.

The team at HomeStrong has one goal in mind with every project we take on: To give your home or business the right service to provide total protection. We’ll never sell you on a service you don’t need! Our team is dedicated to making sure your building has everything it needs to stay dry even under the worst conditions. That’s why we have a number of different basement waterproofing options at our disposal, including:

When basement waterproofing is the problem, HomeStrong is the answer in the Denver, CO metro area. Trust more than 20 years of experience to give your home or business the best chance against water damage. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your building. If we find any damage, we’ll come up with the right plan to repair the damage and ensure your basement waterproofing is brought up to the level it should be. Call now for a free quote!