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An egress window provides an emergency way to leave a dwelling. If you aren’t familiar with the word egress, it means the act of leaving a place or to go out.  Egress windows are also a great way to get more light into the basement.  Once the International Residential Code changed requiring all basement bedrooms to have an egress window, they became standard in new home builds.  These windows give home buyers the ability to finish an unfinished basement and add valuable living space to the home.  However, if your home was built prior to 1980, chances are your home does not have egress windows.

We offer multiple window designs and sizes giving homeowners the ability to choose the perfect look for their home.  Our egress windows come standard with a ladder and metal grate cover with other cover options available.  We also offer a number of different window well options to give your basement a stylish design.

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Egress Window Installation

If you are trying to install egress windows in your basement, it is important to have an experienced and licensed contractor doing this work.  Installation of these windows will require your foundation to be cut and a section removed to enlarge the existing window opening.  Overcutting the foundation for window installation can compromise the wall making the structure much weaker.  Having a structural contractor like HomeStrong do these installations for you will always be the safest bet.  All egress windows installed by HomeStrong are backed by third party engineers and are permitted through your local municipality.

If you would like to discuss egress window options, schedule a free inspection with one of our experienced representatives.

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