In most structures the floor framing is supported around the perimeter by the foundation walls and throughout the interior of the structure by framed walls, or by a beam resting on concrete or metal supports.  In older homes you may see a little of everything supporting the floor.  It is not uncommon in Colorado to see stones and even old tree trunks used as floor supports.  The reason we need these interior supports is because the wood used to frame the floor is generally not capable of spanning from one side of your foundation to the other without flexing and failing because of the pressure applied to it from the weight above.  To shorten that span, interior supports are used.  No matter what is supporting the floor, if the supports move, the floor will follow in the same direction time.  Throughout most of the country they will only deal with downward movement of these supports, but in Colorado we also see upward movement occur when the underlying soils heave.  Heaving supports require specialized repairs that not just any contractor can do.

At HomeStrong we specialize in analyzing the cause of floor movement and offer permanent solutions to these problems.  If you notice your floors sloping or bouncing, schedule an appointment to have one of our professional inspectors come and analyze the problem and recommend repairs.

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