Concrete raising is an excellent solution for addressing settled concrete. Foam injection, in particular, offers several advantages over traditional concrete replacement. It is less invasive, significantly faster, provides longer-term warranties, and is generally more cost-effective. Additionally, foam injection allows the concrete to be used within 20 minutes of installation.

After your concrete is lifted, it is advisable to seal all cracks and control joints. This measure not only protects the lifted slab from water intrusion but also enhances the appearance of the concrete.

If you have settled concrete at your home or business, we invite you to schedule a complimentary inspection with one of our concrete experts. Our team will analyze the issue and recommend the most effective solution for your needs.

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Benefits of Concrete Raising with Foam Injection

Concrete raising with foam injection, also known as polyurethane foam injection, offers numerous benefits over traditional concrete replacement methods. Here are some key advantages:

Concrete raising with foam injection is a highly efficient, cost-effective, and durable solution for addressing settled concrete, offering numerous benefits that enhance both the functionality and appearance of concrete surfaces. Contact HomeStrong today to schedule a free inspection. 

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