Crawl Space Repair Solutions

If your home doesn’t have a basement, it’s likely that you have a crawl space. Due to its location, a crawl space is easy to neglect, but doing so can lead to serious problems. About 50% of your indoor air originates in the crawl space, so if your crawl space is full of dirt, debris, pests, and mold, your indoor air quality is being compromised. Need crawl space repair for your Colorado home? Then you need HomeStrong. We offer high-quality, affordable solutions in Denver, Colorado Springs, and beyond.

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For more than 20 years, HomeStrong has been the one-stop home improvement contractor for Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. Our qualified team has experience handling many different issues and can give your home the improvements it needs. From foundation repair to crawl space repair, and even concrete work, HomeStrong does it all!  We’re passionate about helping homeowners maintain strong, safe, and healthy homes, and we’d love to help you. If you’re looking for crawl space repair, look no further than HomeStrong. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote on your crawl space repair needs.

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Crawl Space Repair Service

You may be asking yourself “Why is it so important to have crawl space repair services”? As previously mentioned, the crawl space in your home is responsible for the majority of the air that circulates through it. That means that when there’s a problem in the crawl space of your home, it’s only a matter of time before that works its way through the entirety of your home. Problems that originate in your crawl space can very quickly develop into major structurals issuses throughout your home. Keeping your crawl space in great condition is an effective and affordable way to maintain quality indoor air and prevent strucutral damage throughout your home. 

At HomeStrong, we want to make sure homeowners enjoy hassle-free home improvement solutions. That’s why we offer preventative care services. Our preventative services can help prevent home improvement projects from becoming stressful, and costly. If you’ve started noticing common warning signs of crawl space damage, like sagging floors or musty odors, don’t delay! We want to take the stress our of home improvement projects, which is why we offer financing options for homeowners who need it. Don’t put off services that can prevent major damage:  Call the experienced and dedicated team at HomeStrong to schedule an evaluation and get a free quote on your repair.

Signs of Crawl Space Damage

Beign proactive about the health of your home’s crawl space is the best way to save yourself from costly repairs in the future. The earlier a problem is detected and dealt with, the easier and less expensive those repairs will cost. Knowing what to look for can help keep your repair costs down. Here are some of the most common early warning signs of crawl space damage:

When you notice these issues in the crawl space of your home, it’s time to call in a crawl space repair expert like HomeStrong. We’ll come in, assess the damage, and come up with the right plan of action for your home. Our team has a number of different methods at our disposal, and we’ll come up with a custom plan that works for your home and your budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote on your crawl space repair needs. Our team is available from Castle Rock to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

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Proven Crawl Space Repair Methods

When you trust your home to the care of HomeStrong, you’re not getting a team who just wants to perform a service and make a quick buck. We’re here to ensure that your home is getting the best care possible. We treat every home as if it was our own, and we never employ a one-size-fits-all approach to your crawl space repair needs.

Our team uses Grip-Tite products and Richtech drain systems to give your home the highest-quality products on the market. These products have been the industry standard for decades and help us give your home the upgrade it needs in the fight against structural damage.

Each product we use helps us address a different issue in the crawl space. Frequently the best crawl space repair service involves a combination of many different solutions. That’s why we offer a number of different crawl space repair methods, including:

Make sure your home is properly protected and has a strong foundation to rest upon with HomeStrong. Call now to schedule an inspection and make sure your crawl space is dry, safe, and healthy.