Although concrete foam injection is a fantastic fix for settled concrete, and is something that we offer, sometimes it is just not adequate or doesn’t work.  Old, weak concrete or concrete slabs with a lot of cracks are very difficult to inject with good results.  Unlike many of our competitors we offer both solutions!  Many times, other companies will visit homes and give homeowners the bad news that their concrete is not a good candidate for lifting.  In this case they will walk away leaving the homeowner with the tedious and annoying task of finding someone to replace the concrete.  In other cases, they will attempt to lift the slab.  However, when that does not work, they will leave you unsatisfied and often will charge you for the unsuccessful repair.  By offering both solutions we have the capability of ensuring your work is done right and you are left happy at the end of the job.

If you think your concrete needs lifted of replaced, schedule a free inspection with one of our qualified representatives to come inspect your concrete and recommend the right repair!

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