A crawl space vapor barrier can change the way you feel about and live in your home.  A vapor barrier is the most important product installed inside of any crawl space.  When it comes to vapor barriers, there is really only two things that matter.  The quality of the material being installed and the people installing it.  If done properly a vapor barrier will transform your old dirty crawl space into a happy and healthy environment that you are no longer afraid to go in.

If moisture and water are controlled properly a vapor barrier will give valuable, and usable storage space.  It also protects the home from moisture issues, odors, insects, and energy loss.  Our barriers can also be used as radon barriers when paired with an active radon system.

At HomeStrong our highly qualified installers use best practices to install our 14-20 mil vapor barriers called Flexi-Seal.  Installing Flexi-Seal allows us to give warrantied, long-lasting solutions to homeowners at very competitive prices.   

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crawl space before vapor barrier installation
finished crawl space vapor barrier

Vapor Barrier Benefits

Vapor barriers for crawl spaces offer several significant benefits, enhancing the durability, energy efficiency, and overall health of a home. Here are some key advantages:

If you think your home could benefit from having a vapor barrier installed, schedule a free inspection to have one of our representatives come out and give a thorough inspection of your crawl space and quote any needed repairs.

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