There are two ways to approach sealing your basement walls.  Waterproofing can be done on the positive or negative side of your home.  The positive side is known as the “wet” side, which is on the exterior of the home.  Negative side waterproofing is done from inside of the home.  At HomeStrong we offer both solutions to best help our customers.

There are pros and cons to both positive and negative side wall waterproofing.  Positive side wall treatments will help keep moisture from penetrating through your porous foundation giving it more longevity.  This is common practice in new construction and if done correctly can be very effective.  However, if your how has already been built, this type is waterproofing is more invasive and is generally more expensive.

Since negative side waterproofing is done from inside of the home, it does not keep moisture and humidity from penetrating the wall.  However, it does keep moisture from causing you problems in your home.  This type of waterproofing is less expensive and if the walls are in good condition, it can be very effective.  This type of waterproofing lowers humidity levels and will allow you to finish your basement without worries of mold and bacteria growth.

No matter what option is best for your home, HomeStrong has you covered!

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