Typically, there are two type of retaining walls that homeowners want or need.  The first are beautiful exterior hardscape retaining walls that are used to retain soil but also to spruce up the yard.

The second type is much less glamourous.  Poured concrete retaining walls are built inside of homes to hold back soil.  It is common to build these retaining walls inside of dug out crawl spaces as well in basements that are being lowered.  In many cases these retaining walls are structural and should be installed by an engineer and installed by experts.

At HomeStrong, we specialize in both.  Whether you are trying to make your yard a more beautiful and useable space, or are trying to ensure your home is structurally sound, we are the right company for the job!

If you would like to discuss retaining wall options, schedule a free inspection with one of our concrete professionals to come out and inspect the areas and recommend the correct repairs!

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