Adding insulation to your crawl space will give you better control of the crawl space environment all while lowering energy costs and giving you a more comfortable home.  At HomeStrong we offer both rigid foamboard insulations as well as fiberglass insulation.

Foamboard insulations are resistant to water and often have a much better R-value (thermal resistance to heat).  The higher the R-value the better the insulation.  These types of insulation are great for damp environments such as basements and crawl spaces.

Fiberglass insulations, although often not as good as foamboard insulations, do give homeowners the opportunity to add efficiency to the home at a lower cost.  However, at HomeStrong we do require fiberglass insulations to be paired with our Flexi-Seal vapor barrier to protect it against moisture problems.

The two most important places to insulate in a crawl space are the foundation walls and the rim joists.  The foundation walls transfer heat through a process called conduction.  Conduction is that transfer of heat through a substance or material by direct contact (in the case of your home, it would be exterior soils).   The rim joist transfers heat through a process called convection.  Convection is the transfer of heat through air. The rim joist of your home has air gaps that easily allow air to pass through and effect your home.  It is important to insulate this areas and seal with foam.

If you think your home needs new insulation or replacement insulation, schedule a free inspection with one of our knowledge representatives to come out and discuss what options would be best for your home!

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