In most cases lateral movement in a foundation occurs from soil pressure, hydrostatic pressure, poor construction, or a combination of those.  In Colorado these issues are more common because of the expansive clay soils throughout large portions of the state.  These issues often cause diagonal and horizontal cracks in the foundation walls from bowing or tipping.  This movement often causes leaking of the foundation and sloping floors.

Even more so than vertical movement, ignored lateral movement can cause structures to become compromised and unsafe. HomeStrong offers permanent solutions to these issues.  Schedule a free inspection to have one of our knowledgeable representatives analyze these issues and give recommendations.

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illustration of bowing cracks in basement wall


Bowing Walls

Bowing walls in a structure can be a serious concern and may indicate various underlying issues, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the building. If you notice any of the following signs of bowing walls, contact HomeStrong right away:

If you observe any of these signs, call HomeStrong to assess the extent of the issue and recommend appropriate solutions. Early detection and intervention can help prevent further damage and ensure the long-term stability of your home.


Foundation Damage


Sometimes, the signs you need foundation repair are quite apparent but others can be more subtle. One thing’s for sure: the longer you leave damage untreated, the more complicated and costly repair becomes. Contact HomeStrong today if you’ve noticed any of these potential indications of foundation damage.

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